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Marcus Weathers Jr.

MS, CRC, LPC-IT, PhD Candidate

Marcus is a third year PhD student and current dissertator in the Rehabilitation Counselor Education program within the School of Education. His research interests focus on quality of life, societal attitudes towards disability, and promoting equity towards individuals with multiple marginalized identities.

Speaking in

Anti-Ableist Academic: Removing Ableism in Teaching to Support Disabled Students

Day 1: November 14, 2023 | 2:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m., Breakout Option 1

Academic ableism persists at UW-Madison and college campuses across the United States, directly impacting individuals with disabilities. From the location of buildings, to expectations in disability disclosure or required assignments, our expectations for disabled students come from ableist ideals. Change is needed if we want to ensure we are including students most appropriately, and in an anti-ableist way. Recommendations will be provided to educators on how to appropriately handle disability disclosure, personal biases, determining reasonable accommodations, and creating universally designed educational materials.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review key aspects of academic ableism present in higher education and UW-Madison Identify the impact academic ableism has on individuals with disabilities on campus.
  • Gain understanding in important concepts, such as disability disclosure, reasonable accommodation, and universal design.
  • Recognize appropriate anti-ableist academic practices that will support students with disabilities in the learning environment.
  • Examine important concepts such as hidden biases and best practices for overcoming them when working with students with disabilities.