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Emma Reismann

Empower Teacher

Fall semester will be the start of Emma’s second semester as a chair of Empower within the Student Leadership Program. Having this opportunity as a chair has allowed her to learn a lot about social justice and leadership. Emma is looking forward to growing in her abilities further. The Student Leadership Program (ELP) also gave Emma the opportunity to be a part of the Emerging Leaders Program. ELP is a 7 week program centered around the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Each week Emma attended a workshop focusing on one of the 7 C’s involved in this model. Emma was able to learn a lot about individual values, group values, and society’s values.

Speaking in

Understanding Our Privileges to Become Better Allies Presenters: Undergrads of the Student Leadership Program

Day 1: November 14, 2023 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m., Breakout Option 2

The lecture will begin by discussing various definitions of allyship and privilege and provide the framework of how to be an ally in today’s complicated society. We will focus on situations of allyship as it relates to political issues, religious issues, and educational issues. Attendees will be divided into groups and discuss the implications of what they learned through researching, deliberating, and presenting on a current event that relates to one of the subtopics. After presenting to the larger group their collaborative findings, there will be the ability to have an open discussion to share stories, express ideas, and collaborate to work towards a common goal. The hope is that through learning new concepts and ideas, and listening to one another, attendees will gain a greater understanding of their own privilege and how it relates to society, and how to become a better ally to those who might not benefit from the same privileges that they do. Facilitation will be an option if an open discussion is unable to occur due to lack of participation, or continued silence.

We want participants to leave our workshop with a better understanding of privilege and allyship. We want to connect the ideas of privilege and allyship to real life current events and issues that are prevalent in our lives. After this workshop, participants will be able to act as an active ally to encourage belonging although they may be different. They will become more aware of how everyone is able to stand up for what they believe and work for a common goal while engaging and embracing their differences.