The Power of Words in Promoting DEI: Understanding the Impact of Language

Breakout Option 3
Day 1: November 14, 2023 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m., Marquee Theater

Session Video

Session Description

In this breakout session, we will explore the language of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and its impact on individuals and organizations. We will discuss how language can either promote or hinder efforts towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace and provide practical tips on how to use language more intentionally to foster a culture of belonging. This breakout session will be participant driven with a brief presentation of a glossary of DEI terms (deliverable) and introduction of words associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion for discussion. Interview findings, and DEI language building activities using scenarios and exercises (deliverable).

Expected outcomes:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how language impacts diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • Learn strategies for using language more intentionally to promote a culture of belonging.
  • Develop skills for facilitating difficult conversations around equity and inclusion using language that promotes understanding and respect.
  • Walk away with practical tools and resources for creating a more inclusive workplace through language.


Molinda Henry

Education: Certificate – Diversity and Inclusion – eCornell University MA. Ed – Edgewood College – I authored this Professional Development degree program focused on Curriculum and Instruction for a Diverse Population. BA – UW – Madison – African American Studies – Literature Lifelong Learner Work History: Disabled Veteran – USAF Endocrinology Fellowship Coordinator – UW Madison GME Residency Program Manager – UW Madison -Department of Psychiatry Poet – “Rough_Edges” by Molinda – Self-Published Musician, song writer and performing artist.

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