The Discussion Project, Day 2

Breakout Option 2
Day 2: November 15, 2023 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m., Industry A & B Room (In person only)

Session Description

Successful Discussion Requires Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Participants will be introduced to the work and research findings of The Discussion Project at UW–Madison. Presenters will offer a definition of discussion and why discussion is an integral part of a student’s educational experiences. We will focus on the ways in which high quality discussion requires that instructors take responsibility to build inclusive and equitable learning environments that draw strength from the diversity of students in the classroom. The presenters will detail methods for building classroom community and explain how instructors can cultivate and maintain a classroom climate that helps produce a “discussion class,” and participants will take part in case study discussions that require instructors to take leadership in repairing classroom climate and relationships when a rift occurs.


Susan Gevelber

Susan Gevelber is the Program Manager for the Discussion Project, serving as curriculum designer and instructor, project developer and researcher. She spent 30 years in the classroom creating and teaching a wide array of high school social studies courses in Fairfax County, Virginia, San Francisco, California and most recently in Madison, Wisconsin. In school-based leadership positions, Susan engaged in curricular reform and professional development initiatives. Using discussion and deliberation techniques, Susan’s teaching focused on the transformative potential of historical inquiry. Currently, Susan is an instructor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Lynn Glueck

Lynn Glueck is the Program Director for the Discussion Project, serving as project manager, curriculum designer, and instructor. Lynn brings a diverse array of skills to the Discussion Project after a twenty-five-year career in K12 education. She started work as a bilingual elementary teacher in a high-poverty school, and has since played several roles in teaching and administration. She was a high school English teacher and then became a Library Media Instructor, after which she went into educational leadership and administration. She has been Professional Development Coordinator, School Improvement Administrator, for the Madison School District, and then became an Instructional Coach for secondary teachers. She has trained in Authentic Intellectual Work. She has an MA (UW-Madison) in English Literature and an MLS (UW-Madison) in Library Media Science. Additionally, she is certified as a Director of Instruction and Instructional Coach.

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